Sunday, May 26, 2013

Interesting Snippet from Featherstone

I was idly flipping through my copy of "War games: Battles and Manoeuvreswith model soldiers" tonight when I came upon an interesting line at the end of Chapter 7, "Rules and Demonstration Battle: 'Action in the Plattville Valley'".

Featherstone was concluding the chapter with a paragraph on the sources of the figures used in the game. it will not surprise that the figures were mostle SAE, plastic Spencer Smiths and some Scrubys. What really got my antennae twitching was the mention of limbers from Ed Saunders. Is this the same Ed Saunders of Taunton who used to cast the lovely little 30mm WSS figure seen in this past year on eBay?

In a similar vein and from the same paragraph there are mention cannon by John Hatherway. Is this the same John "Hathaway" mentioned as a source of artillery in "The War Game Companion" that were used in Charles Grant's early ACW games in the later 1950s?

Who knows?


Vintage Wargaming said...

Greg, John Hathaway and AW Saunders are both mentioned under "other designers" in an old Scruby catalogue from 1962 - seen here on my Old Metal detector blog


Old School ACW said...

Thank-you Clive, most interesting.