Sunday, January 4, 2015


There comes a time when a project ought to come to an end. I think that this is the point that the re-creating Charles' Grant's ACW War Game may have come to.

It has been a fun journey with (I feel) quite a few "aha!" moments on the way, for me at least.

Recently put in some time re-reading Ross Mac's blog over the past few days, in particular his rules for a gridded ACW war game. Having a cold has it's unexpected benefits. Certainly I was prompted to dig out the collection and take a good look.

While I've not yet made any final decisions, I think it might be possible to discern the general direction of the breeze.

If nothing else, this would be an opportunity to paint up some fun subjects to round the army out in this direction rather more.

And it's all about the fun.

I've not decided whether permanently to draw a line under this blog and keep on at The Duchy of Alzheim, or simply to carry on as a more broadly ACW space. Time will tell.

For now, thanks for reading.