Sunday, May 26, 2013

Interesting Snippet from Featherstone

I was idly flipping through my copy of "War games: Battles and Manoeuvreswith model soldiers" tonight when I came upon an interesting line at the end of Chapter 7, "Rules and Demonstration Battle: 'Action in the Plattville Valley'".

Featherstone was concluding the chapter with a paragraph on the sources of the figures used in the game. it will not surprise that the figures were mostle SAE, plastic Spencer Smiths and some Scrubys. What really got my antennae twitching was the mention of limbers from Ed Saunders. Is this the same Ed Saunders of Taunton who used to cast the lovely little 30mm WSS figure seen in this past year on eBay?

In a similar vein and from the same paragraph there are mention cannon by John Hatherway. Is this the same John "Hathaway" mentioned as a source of artillery in "The War Game Companion" that were used in Charles Grant's early ACW games in the later 1950s?

Who knows?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rediscovering an old project

This one no less. It's been quite a while we've been idle here, is it not? Nine months if I have it right.

Little has happened, I fear to admit. I shall performa little stock-take and se what's to be done.

So what do we have? A workable set, no two sets if we count the "Easy-Peasy" rules. The Easy Peasey rules have had a few outings with my nephews Max and Oscar over the past eighteen months and seem to give a good enough game. Whether it resembles the ACW is another story!

I have a few terrain pieces, four units of Union and four of Confederate infantry, a battery each of guns for them and a Union cavalry regiment both mounted and dismounted. All these are painted which is to the good.

If memory serves, I think I have another Union cavalry regiment (in both mounted and dismounted formats) in bare metal, as well as various other field guns. I think there are other odds and sods of infantry as well kindly sent to me by Clive.

I am currently eyeing off some of the RAFM ACW siege and fortress artillery. And the Thoroughbred 1/600 ironclads. Very tasty.

I have played Sawmill village and a few more  impromptu games using the Easy Peasy rules.

So what's next? More cavalry I think. Perhaps get those field guns done. Buy a unit of Zouaves?

UPDATE: Ok, i've started the Field Guns. There are three Parrots and a Rodman.