Easy-Peasy ACW Rules


Column Line Open Order

Infantry 15 cm 10 cm 20 cm

Cavalry 20 cm 15 cm 25 cm

Artillery 10 cm

NOTE: All are plus 5 cm on roads; cavalry plus 15cm and infantry plus 10 cm if charging.


Ranges Short Long

Rifles 0-20 cm 20-40 cm

Carbines 0-15 cm 15-30 cm

Artillery 0-30 cm 30-90 cm

Effect :

Throw one dice (d6) per man or per gunner firing.

At Short Range 4-6 kills, whilst at long range a 6 kills. NOTE: If target is in cover, or in open order half casualties are inflicted. Casualties are counted for return fire.

Melee and Charging

Roll 1d6 per fighting figure. Highest roll wins subject to following modifiers:

Officer fighting +1

Charging +1

Defended Obstacle +1

Assaulting Uphill -1

General Officer +1

NOTE: ganging up is allowed. NOTE the general thus fights at +2. My nod to Warhammer. ALSO Officers and Ensigns save on a 6. Ensign casualties result in the loss of the flag.
Charges are declared at the start of the move. Charger must roll 3-6 on a d6 to charge. If they fail, the Charged may roll to counter-charge. If both fail, they must both stand fast.

Those charged must roll a 4-6 to stand. If they fail, they must flee for the next 2 moves in Open Order.


Unit Morale fails when 50% of their fellows are casualties; the unit must retire for the next 2 moves as though in open order directly away from nearest enemy unit(s). They are then considered to have been rallied; further casualties will prompt further retirement. Don’t flee off the table! Army Morale fails when 50% of all figures have become casualties. The army retires.

If a unit flag has been taken, stop the melee and roll a d6. On a 1-5 the unit flees preciptately regardless of casualties. On a 6, it goes into a frenzy and attacks the unit that took the flag at +1 to all HtH combats.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Good heavens: a back-of-a-postcard rule set! Very Old School. Excellent!

drusty said...

Do you deduct movement for troops moveing through/across rough terrain?

Old School ACW said...

I do now!