Grant's First Day of Gettysburg: Order of Battle

I think it may be possible to recreate Charles Grant's “Gettysburg Refought” scenario from the article reprinted in "The Wargame Companion". You might remember that he sought to fight only the first day of the battle to limit the extent of the terrain he'd have to try to recreate on the tabletop This had the effect of eliminating such actions as the defense of the Little Round-Top and Pickett's Charge and eliminated JEB Stuarts' cavalry from the order of battle of the Confederacy, making the recreation of the fighting that much easier.

As I recall, he allocated ten regiments of infantry to the Confederates, organised into five brigades, while the Union forces had six regiments, similarly organised, as well as a pair of Cavalry Regiments. Each side has three guns.

Starting on Table:


Brig Buford

8th Illinois Cavalry

1st New Jersey Cavalry

1 Gun

Arriving Move 1 – Cemetery Ridge


Brigadier Pender

6th Alabama Infantry

3rd Arkansas Infantry

1 Gun

Move 6 – On the Baltimore Road


Brigadier Meagher

5th Vermont

1st US Sharpshooters

Brigadier Weitzel

12th Connecticut

28th Massachusetts

1 Gun

Move 8 – Cemetery Ridge


Brigadier Kemper

7th Louisiana

5th Texas

Move 12– On the Baltimore Road


Brigadier Gibbon

8th Wisconsin

24th Michigan

1 Gun

Move 15 – On the Carlisle Road


Brigadier Rhodes

12th Georgia

15th South Carolina

Brigadier Ramseur

27th North Carolina

1st Virginia

1 Gun

Move 19 – On the Harrisburg Road


Brigadier Cleburn

A Regiment

A Regiment

1 Gun

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CelticCurmudgeon said...

As much as I love the "Easy Peasy" rules and enjoy and respect Grant's work, why not just get the names right? The opening of the battles would have seen Buford on the table. So far so good. At that point everything goes to hell in a hand basket. Wadsworth should have the Irin Brigade of Sol meredith at hand which had followed Lysander Cutler onto the battlefield. The Rebs are even worse. Cleburn was fighting out west while Brigadier Kemper fought with the very last Confederate division, Picket, to make the battlefield. I would simply change the names "to protect the innocent."
A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon