Thursday, August 19, 2010

Herewith a few pics... a supplement the rather dry progress report of my previous post.
The Confederate 3" battery piles it on as the infantry advance.
The Union boys prepare to respond with canister as the Rebs close the range.
Forgive the spanner on the window sill in the background. Perhaps this is Mechanicsville?
The 6th Georgia and the 5th Alabama go in under the eye of Gen'l Lee.

I've begun my third Union infantry regiment and am now pondering my next order. If you had about a hundred and twenty pounds to spend (courtesty of eBay) at Spencer Smith, how would you spend it? The only constraint is that it must be on 25mm Union or Confederate Staddens.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Very quick update

Since I'm at work just now, just a very quick update.

I've nearly finished painting my 4th regiment now, some Confederates with gigantic beards. I've now two each for the Union and the CS. One more of each and barring a little terrain construction and I'll be able to to give "The Rules" a test drive.

What better scenario to take on than "Sawmill Village"?

I ought to be ready in about three weeks, I think.

From there I'll be moving to fill each side out to the "basic divisional" size and then add a cavalry brigade to the Union in preparation for eventually playing the first day at Gettysburg per my earlier post.

Oh, and I've acquired and painted a couple of Imex Conestoga wagons that look the part. Wagon Train anyone?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Boys

5th Alabama
Union Troops and 3" Rifles

General Lee and JEB Stuart
The Lot.

I've just finished another union regiment and am painting up a couple of wagons before I go on with a Confederate gun crew and some brigadiers.