Friday, May 28, 2010

Something About Troops

I am going to have to make a decision on this sometime fairly soon - what ACW troops will I buy?

Theoretical exercises with rules are great fun, but it would be nice to start buying some toy soldiers to push about as well!

The original Grant rules were written for use with his own home-cast 40mm troops. From what I can gather they were mastered from the Britains "W" scale figure which was built up using plasticine and lead and hazardously cast with plaster of Paris moulds. Separate arms were the order of the day and details such as hat brims were added separately.

No wonder the plastic SSMs were seized upon! Imagine - troops you can buy... and then just paint! Looking at some of the new plastics available these days, I'm wondering if we've really progressed all that much. OK, slight hypocrisy - I am happily assembling my Immortal Miniatures Greeks just now.

All this blather aside, I'm not wanting to go down the home-cast 40mm road; nor am I willing to go down any 40mm road on the basis of expense. I'm looking at Old School 28s or at a pinch 20mms, although not Airfix plastics. I'm not that Old School!.

I'm looking seriously at 28mms, specifically Spencer Smith or the 25mm Staddens. 20mm - well, I like Jacklex.

I like the Staddens and the Jacklex for the breadth of their range the Spencer Smiths for their dorky coolness. I've got a problem with the Spencer Smiths because their cavalry is so limited - one staff officer and a Confederate and a Federal trooper...

I have a feeling I'll vote my heart rather than my head here, but I need to see the Staddens before I decide. Anyone got some or have some photos of some? Or of the Jacklex?

More tomorrow.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

A vote for 20mm from me.. I like Newline and there are a host of comparison pictures on my ACW project blog .... alternatively there is also Newline which Matt over at the Waterloo to Mons blog does a beautiful job on!

DC said...

The Tradition/Stadden 25s are indeed very nice, as are most of the Garrison 25s, and the two ranges are compatible. The Garrison range isn't listed on their site at the moment but i believe Rob is always willing to cast special orders if they are substantial. Tradition do themselves no favours with the pics on their site - i shall try to dig our a photo of the Tradition figures for you. cheers.

Mosstrooper said...

There is always Miniatur Figurines being sold now by Caliver books , myself I favour SSM , like their simplicity .

Ross Mac said...

20mm is a good scale for ACW but for the same price as 28/30mm troops you can get 1960's vintage Ericson sculpted 40mm Scruby ACW from Historifigs. Figures:

I've used a lot of these with a bit of conversion for my 1840's US:

but 20mm is a good scale too.
-Ross Mac