Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hello there, how's it going? As you've probably already gathered, I'll be working on this blog to put together what might be termed my vision of an Old School American Civil War Campaign. I'm aiming to base this as much as possible on the Grant ACW Rules as can be found scatterd across various issues of The War Games Digest, The War Game Companion by CS Grant, and the Fontenoy book by Charles Grant Sr.

Where available sources lack, I'll try to reverse-engineer from his great work The War Game and perhaps from Featherstones' works.

This will probably be an impossible task, but the chase is the thing.

Well, let’s kick off shall we?

From The War Game Companion we are able to derive the major unit organisations, to wit:

Infantry Regiment: 24 soldiers, one officer and a flag-bearer

Cavalry Regiment: 12 troopers, one officer and a flag-bearer

Gun Battery: 2 guns and a caisson, all pulled by 4-horse teams

Grant attempted to incorporate higher formations into his rules. A Division, which was commanded by a Major-General, was made of a pair of Brigades, each in turn of two Regiments. The Brigades were of course commanded by each a Brigadier-General. The role of these general officers will be expanded upon in a future post.

That will do for now. I will be trying to post regularly, so I hope you come back and see what's happening here.