Thursday, May 27, 2010


No, not the book.

I found on the TTG website (courtesy of a Grant bibliography in the Files Section of the OSW Yahoo Group) an article written by Mr Grant in June of 1959 in the War Game Digest on the Cavalry Charge. I won't post the full article here as I don't know what the copywright situation might be and don't want to upset anyone! However, for those who may be interested, the full version can be found here.

In short though, the charge plays out over two moves.

In the first, the Cavalry move to within 18" of their target. If infantry, this takes them within Rifle range (another fact to docket away...) and naturally they take a volley. Casualties are removed as normal.

In the second, morale is tested for by the attacker. The charging cavalry and the defender dice off to see whether the  defenders are cool enough to get off another volley. If all is well, the charge goes home and the cavalry are moved to contact.

If the distance moved is 12" or less, the attacking cavalryman throws a D6. If the infantry are in one rank, on a 4+, he is considered to have been ridden his infantryman down. Ha! The blighter!If this is the case, he may ride forth a further 6" or into contact with another infantryman.

If the infantry have been wise they will have formed in two ranks and a breakthrough will occour on a 5+ only. If a breakthrough occours against the first line, the second ine infantryman id moved aside 2" to allow the trooper to pass.

No break-through is possible with infantry formed in three ranks.

Cavalry in contact with infantry will melee by throwing 2D6 against the 1D6 of the humble infanterist. Highest score wins.

Note that this proceedure is almost identical to that set down in The War Game with the no notable changes apart from allowing breakthroughs on a 6 against infantry formed three ranks deep, but not against troops in four ranks.


Mosstrooper said...

Watching your blog with great interest !. Started my wargaming career ( a long time ago !) using Airfix plastic ACW figures and Featherstones rules . Been painting Spencer Smith SYW armies for Grants rules and have been eyeing up the SSM ACW for my next project !

Old School ACW said...

Likewise Mosstrooper; I'm a little put off by the cavalry, but am consoling myself with what I might be able to pinch from the 7YW or HE lines by way of artillery equipment.

Thanks for your interest.