Sunday, April 17, 2011

The New Boys

 One freshly-finished regiment and ancilliary staff officers.
 The Officer in the foreground is a cheat - he'll be used in the next Union regiment that I do. Note the officer next to the standard bearer. He's actually a Zouave - part of a batch of bits Clive kindly sent me - but he looks so good converted with paint that I had to have him in this regiment.
The Divisional command. The two figures left and right foreground are Hinchcliffe one piece castings of a Union and a Confederate colonel - guess which is which. These will be my Brigadier Generals. The officer in the background is also Hinchcliffe, but I can't remember which Officer he's meant to represent. He looks a bit like General Meade - he'll be my Major-General. I might pop him on a larger base with a foot officer to further distinguish him. 
Anyway, they were a pleasure to paint. The horses, which I usually find a bit of a pain to paint were especially easy. I would like to get more.

What you see here represents two weeks' painting for me. If I was to get all scientific on you, that would be 34 Olley points for the period. Hm. I paint a little faster than I thought.

And a late update: the Union Division. I'm very pleased to be putting out these photos (of variable quality!) showing the Division of two brigades of two regiments. A horse-drawn vehicle supports each brigade and a 2-gun battery the division.


Anonymous said...

The officer in the background is Meade, I painted one years ago. Great to see you back in production!

Ross Mac said...

and they look Damned good too! (gives a whole new meaning to damned Yankees )

Old School ACW said...

Thanks Matt - when we go to Corps-size, Meade will get a promotion! Easy figure to paint, too. Knocked it out in an hour in breaks whilst doing the gardening this afternoon - a record for me.

Why, thanks Ross. Very much appreciated. I'm sticking with the Stokes Schwartz school of painting!

tradgardmastare said...

Hurrah for these brave boys! Figures look great - fantastic to see project moving forward so well...
best wishes

paint pig said...

Lovely classic style for these miniatures, looking good.


Archduke Piccolo said...

A fine body of men. Can't wait to see them in action... Great to see you back, too, Dude!

Anonymous said...

I checked again - that is Grant. Oooops!