Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back on the Wagon

Returning now as I am from  lengthy break I set up my little ACW armies yesterday and took a good look at what needs doing.

I have at present (to refresh everyones memories) three regiments each of Union and Confederate infantry and a battery of guns per side. The Union also boasts a dismounted cavalry regiment. The bluebellies are also halfway or more through recruiting a mounted regiment.

Last night I cleaned up and undercoated another 30 infantry castings and this morning I started painting their trousers. Very prosaic, no?

These will form the basis of two regiments, one for each side, which will take both infantry forces to divisional size per the Grant organisation. I am aiming to get one-and-a-bit regiments painted in this following fortnight. once both are complete, I will finish off the cavalry.

I will endeavour to have a game soonest. I am badly in need of ACW buildings tho' but have found an old Ian Weekley article on some he built and will emulate that.

Anyone had a chance to read or play the rules? Any feedback would be very welcome.

UPDATE: Knapsacks and blanket rolls now painted. Yee-ha!
UPDATE UPDATE: 32 little faces and 64 littler hands, all done!
UPDATE THE UPDATE: 32 little Kepis.
UPDATE THE UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: 14 lovely BLUE coats painted.
Blah-blah-blah: All coats and waterbottles painted and highlighted. All haversacks painted. Now to start on the belts. Then the muskets and the metallics. Two days work, I think?  Don't forget the standard, either. Then photos, I promise.


Mosstrooper said...

Finaly got the last of my 6 units for The Battle of Sawmill Village . Played the game against a wargaming collegue and lost badly , the rules seem to work okay and am planning to paint up more figures when I get round to it .

Old School ACW said...

Very good news. Well, not great news from your point of view! How did you find the morale rules?

All the best,


Mosstrooper said...

Think they work ok , this is based only of one game however and I'm use to using the oruginal Grant SYW rules

Archduke Piccolo said...

Great to see you back in harness. look forward to your next battle...