Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rediscovering an old project

This one no less. It's been quite a while we've been idle here, is it not? Nine months if I have it right.

Little has happened, I fear to admit. I shall performa little stock-take and se what's to be done.

So what do we have? A workable set, no two sets if we count the "Easy-Peasy" rules. The Easy Peasey rules have had a few outings with my nephews Max and Oscar over the past eighteen months and seem to give a good enough game. Whether it resembles the ACW is another story!

I have a few terrain pieces, four units of Union and four of Confederate infantry, a battery each of guns for them and a Union cavalry regiment both mounted and dismounted. All these are painted which is to the good.

If memory serves, I think I have another Union cavalry regiment (in both mounted and dismounted formats) in bare metal, as well as various other field guns. I think there are other odds and sods of infantry as well kindly sent to me by Clive.

I am currently eyeing off some of the RAFM ACW siege and fortress artillery. And the Thoroughbred 1/600 ironclads. Very tasty.

I have played Sawmill village and a few more  impromptu games using the Easy Peasy rules.

So what's next? More cavalry I think. Perhaps get those field guns done. Buy a unit of Zouaves?

UPDATE: Ok, i've started the Field Guns. There are three Parrots and a Rodman.

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Mosstrooper said...

Glad to see you back !