Sunday, September 5, 2010

We've reached a Milestone

The second of this project, indeed.
The first was the production of the rules. This, the second is that I get to say - at last - that I have completed my order of battle for "Sawmill Village".
I now have forces comprising three Union and three Confederate regiments, a battry each of field artillery and a pair of Brigadiers.
My Confederate Regiments are the 5th Alabama, 6th Virginia and the 13th North Carolina. The Union regiments are rather more generic, but will be no less hard-fighting, I am sure.
Today was a bumper delivery in the mail; I also have two more foor regiments to paint along with a two-regiment brigade of cavalry. I also have the two-dozen skirmishing figures I'll need to dismount my cavalry should the need arise.
Once painted this will give me a Union and a Confederate division of infantry plus a Union Cavalry brigade - my next milestone.
In addition to the toy soldiers, I've also gotten two doors which will be my new games table. It ought to be about 6'8" by 5'10", extensible to 6'8" by 7'9" if I get another door. I've spent the afternoon giving them a Phil Olley-inspired coat of gloss green paint.
I will be playing "Sawmill Village" next weekend.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

looks interesting...great looking miniatures

MiniWargamer said...

Which rules will you be using? Grant's? If so, are these available in a PDF?

Your emerging armies look like fun. If I hadn't been painting all of my 15mm ACW stuff up for Black Powder or Fire and Fury I might have journeyed down the 25mm road.