Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fighting House-to-House

Survivors of defenders volleys move up to the doors and windows.

Each attacking figure rolls a D6. On a 4+ he enters the building and melees on normal terms (winner of a dice-off) with the defender.

If the attacker fails the thow, the defender is allowed to add 3 to his throw in the melee dice-off. I assume this is the bonus for a defended obstacle.

And that's it in terms of what I've been able to glean from soures that are direct from the horses' mouth so to speak. Oh, apart from the musketry range being 18". Until I get my hands on a copy of Wargame Tactics, I'll be moving into speculation/reconstruction mode.

Now, note that the house-to-house fighting rules are the same as those in The War Game, as is the musketry range.

I also note that the infantry unit size is the same as that for Light Infantry in the War Game.

In my next post, I shall see what I can do for reconstructing both the melee and musketry rules.

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